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Dental Implants

Eldersburg, MD Residents: Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have a lost or missing tooth, Eldersburg Dental has a solution for you, and it does not involve dental bridges or a partial denture. Instead, Eldersburg Dental dental implants as a means to conceal a missing tooth permanently. If you've heard about dental implants before and wanted to know more, consider the following benefits to Eldersburg patients.

Benefit 1: Dental Implants are a permanent replacement option.

When it comes to tooth replacement methods, such as bridges and dentures, many require replacement after roughly 10 years - sometimes sooner. However, dental implants are implanted for life, which means you will not have to undergo further dental treatment when you choose dental implants as your tooth replacement method of choice. While a dental implant does have a protective crown over it, crowns can be more easily replaced than removing the crowns surrounding your nearby teeth.

Benefit 2: Dental implants can anchor multiple teeth.

Dental implants can replace one tooth or they can even replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth. Having the option allows you several options for replacing a tooth. Because dental implants look so natural, replacing an entire set of upper or lower teeth can feel so natural you may not remember that you have dental implants.

Benefit 3: Dental implants are sturdy.

Wearing full or partial dentures can replace a lost or missing tooth, but they can be problematic because the dentures can easily slip or slide out of place. They require daily adhesive applications to remain in place and must be removed and brushed to properly maintain them. In contrast, dental implants are typically cared for as you would your own teeth. Eldersburg Dental and our Elderburg dentist staff can offer advice on how to properly care for your dental implant.

Benefit 4: Dental implants encourage jawbone growth.

The jawbone that anchors your teeth is a use-it-or-lose-it prospect. If you experience tooth loss, the jawbone starts to recede because it is no longer working to hold anything in place. When jawbone recedes, it can cause your dental alignment to shift and change the appearance of your face, causing your face to take on a hollow appearance. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement method that encourages and maintains jawbone growth. This means you can maintain your facial structure and smile through dental implants.

If you have further questions about dental implants and their benefits to your smile, please contact our Eldersburg dentist's office at (410) 795-8040 .